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FINS enabled us to make seven key hires within weeks by attracting the right type of mortgage professionals for our business. We received a higher caliber of applicant from FINS than any other job board we've used.
- Mike Rudzik
 Director - Recruitment (Former)
FINS surpassed my expectations of an online service for executive search for finance candidates. The quality of candidates was so outstanding that we were able to make a qualified hire in less than one month. We interviewed 7 candidates and our favorite accepted right away. The service was well worth the investment.
- Nancy Morris
 Ironwood Investment Management
Even in the early stages, FINS was confident in their ability to drive traffic to their site and, ultimately, attract the high caliber of financial professionals. Our initial campaigns were designed to increase brand awareness through FINS’ advertising. However, in addition to increased brand awareness, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of highly skilled job seekers that contact us through FINS.
- Sharon DeSesso
 Director of Sourcing & Product Management
 SFN Group

FINS is a valuable new recruiting solution with a customized approach to finding qualified financial talent coupled with brand credibility equivalent to any leading digital network. I am excited about the ability to expose our clients’ brands to a targeted finance audience, attract better candidates and achieve a higher ROI as a result of the partnership between NAS Recruitment Communications, FINS and our clients.
- Patty Van Leer
 Executive Vice President &
 Chief Interactive Strategist

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